About Jim

I was born in February of 1976, with a heart defect. At that time there were no advanced ultrasounds to prepare my parents for what was to come, a surprise and not a good one. I was transported to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, PA. The outlook was poor. Frightened and plummeted into a situation that was like none other that they had experienced in their young lives, my parents braced for the worse. They had me quickly baptized at the hospital before my first procedure. The doctors had determined that I was born with Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA) and the hole that normally would close in my heart after birth would have to be surgically kept open in order for me to receive enough oxygen to live. My best chances of survival was to wait until I was a bit older to have my open heart surgery.

In March of 1977, thirteen months after my birth, I had the much-needed open heart surgery to have the Mustard Procedure performed. Far from a correction of my abnormality but the best fix available at the time. I will describe the Mustard Procedure in detail at a later time.

Well it’s obvious I survived that surgery or you wouldn’t be reading this. Since then it has been up and down. I’m 41, with a beautiful supportive wife and family. I have had countless test and some “maintenance” procedures (that’s what my doctor calls them). I’m starting a Blog for everyone to share in my experiences, my history and what I have planned for the future. I’m looking for support, giving support and looking forward to connecting to many people who can relate or know someone who does. Most importantly,  I want to be completely honest and open about how this birth defect has affected my life (and others).